What has Tedisco done? Vote Klueg

As we get further into the election season and watch the reprehensible action taken by a county GOP committee, it is time to reflect on our opportunities this fall.

After 41 years in office Sen. Hugh Farley is finally retiring. Although he has been a decent and honest Senator, I cannot recall one significant accomplishment by the Senator in terms of reduced taxes or fees, greater individual freedoms, elimination of unfunded state mandates or repealed laws.

The county GOP committees unanimously endorsed Jim Tedisco to replace Sen. Farley. Why? Like Farley, what significant accomplishment has Tedisco made during his 34 years in government? New York has nearly the highest taxes in the country.

New York’s taxpayers have less freedom than taxpayers from 47 other states according to Freedom in the 50 States.

Albany dictates our way of life through unfunded mandates and unaccountable agencies and organizations.

Tedisco has voted with the Democrats over 90 percent of the time. His excuse – I “voted with the majority on programs that extend out to the people” – whatever that political speak means. Endorsement by the political county committees, in my opinion, is just another great reason to vote for Christian Klueg.

We must take our government back and get it moving in a different direction – continually electing career politicians like Jim Tedisco will not change direction or results.




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