Tedisco: outstanding public servant

It seems like nowadays, many of the political newcomers are jumping on the “career politicians need to go” band wagon.

Some campaign slogans I have heard include “the status quo has got to go” and “#ChangeAlbany.”

There are people who seem to have this notion that we need to be out with the old and in with the new.

While there certainly needs to be changes in Albany, I am not sure that this is the time to throw the baby out with the bathwater, especially when we are facing so much uncertainty and unrest.

As we move towards the Senate race for the 49th District, we need to support a strong leader, someone who has common sense, integrity, fights in the face of corruption and has a proven track record of yielding positive results regarding some of the toughest issues facing our state. That person is Jim Tedisco.

Tedisco has had a history of being an outstanding public servant, which is why he has been coined the “Assemblyman to the People.”

Some of the reforms that Tedisco took the lead on included Real Property Tax Relief for upstate home owners, the Common Core Parent Refusal Act, Buster’s Bill, Proposition 2, saving tax payers $13 million by going digital, and most recently the Safe Water and Infrastructure Action Program. He has also been an advocate for missing and abducted children and children who are bullied.

He hasn’t been afraid to get in the faces of some of the most powerful politicians in New York state. He has made it his call of duty to tirelessly stand up and fight for his constituents and he will continue to do so if elected to the 49th Senate seat.

Independent, effective, experience and leadership is what we need in Albany, and that’s why we need Tedisco for state Senate.




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