Tedisco can beat Democrat

I am writing this letter in support of Jim Tedisco because I feel strongly that he is the only Republican primary candidate that is capable of beating the Democratic challenger in November.

Tedisco has the experience, dedication and the fierce determination we need in order to retain control of the Senate.

A loss of the upcoming Sept. 13 Primary to Christian Klueg would basically mean handing the Democrats control of what we have maintained for so long.

If you are a serious Republican voter, now is not the time to be swayed by the political oratory about the status quo. Much of the hope and change that these political newcomers claim as their platform end up resulting in failure and broken promises. Barack Obama was a shining example of this.

Tedisco however has never let us down. He has demonstrated time and time again a willingness to put his neck on the line to better the future for all New Yorkers – whether it is for the small business owners, the teachers, the students, the animals and for the everyday people like me – who are trying to create the best life possible for our families.

I applaud his experience and leadership, and consider his years of service an asset – not a reason to limit the possibilities of the other things he can do. I urge you to consider this when you vote on Sept. 13 for the Republican primary. Let’s support Tedisco and help keep our Republican majority in the Senate where it belongs.




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