Services no longer needed at The Glove

I feel the need to speak for many people who have worked hard as volunteers – sometimes day after day – trying to bring The Glove back to its former glory.

Many children started at a very young age and have grown up performing on that stage. They have become young adults singing in cabarets and directing shows, lights, sound and sets. I myself started bringing my little girl to shows.

Then I started volunteering with a lady who had been running the concession stand for nearly 20 years and her husband who spend more time there than home. He did sound, lights, sets, directing and acting – there was nothing he could not or would not do.

We all work together to bring people to The Glove with children’s activities on holidays, Mother’s Day breakfast with show and dinner shows. Myself and others always made sure there was a nice selection of fresh homemade snacks (cookies, pies, cakes, breads). The parents from the children’s shows always baked as well.

Recently, the lady and her husband that I started working with were told our services were no longer needed and neither were my baked goods.

All the young people who grew up in The Glove would come up with ideas to put a quick show together were told they could no longer do this without going to the board who only meet once a month. They have all moved on where they will be appreciated for their talents.

I feel for so many of us who tried so hard because we love The Glove. These things need to be shared.




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