Race for 49th state senate seat

On Aug. 25, I had the opportunity to listen to the live debate between Christian Klueg and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, which was hosted by WENT FM 105.1.

First and foremost, I thank the radio station and it’s management for having this open mike debate/discussion for the Fulton County voters.

What I took away from listening to Klueg and Tedisco are the following:

1. They both indicate that they want “term limits”, but the difference is Tedisco would not define his term limits and Klueg clearly said he would only seek two terms as our state senator.

Do we want someone who does not define his true intentions, or someone who does define his true intentions in writing representing us in the state Senate?

2. After Tedisco served over 30 years in the state Assembly (that does not sound like term limits to me) he alleged that he found it very difficult to have his bills passed because he was out numbered by the down state liberal Democrats.

Klueg on the other hand said he confronts individuals everyday with different opinions, which he resolves by negotiating. Shouldn’t we change it up and try Klueg’s negotiating skills versus Tedisco excuse skills?

3. Tedisco brags that he has received endorsements from the sitting 49th District Senator and various Republican county chair persons. Well, I take that as meaning the “good-ol-boy’s club” is trying hard to keep a fellow career politician in the office.

The career politicians do not want outsiders in to disrupt their cushy/corrupt system, which is not in our best interest.

Do we want Tedisco because the “good-ol-boy’s club” endorsed him, or Klueg who is about anti-corruption and is a true Conservative?

For the last 40-plus years, Fulton County has not progressed with the current career politicians representing us in Albany. Isn’t it time we put a successful Fulton County businessman in the state Senate to represent our best interest, instead of listening to any more excuses from career politicians?




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