Jim Tedisco: proven choice on education

Please consider casting a vote for Jim Tedisco for state Senate in the primary on Sept 13.

Tedisco will be seeking Senator Hugh Farley’s seat as he is retiring. While in the Assembly, Tedisco not only introduced legislation in his Common Core Parental Refusal Act to protect the rights of parents to direct their children’s education and protect the children and school districts from penalty for doing so, but he also co-sponsored legislation for a full repeal of Common Core in New York.

As a former teacher, Tedisco understands the issues associated with Common Core. While he has been very vocal against the harmful effects of the overuse of standardized testing, he understands that the problems run far deeper than just the implementation and testing.

Agree, or not, with the parents who exercised their rights to opt their children out of standardized testing, it was solely this movement that brought the state to finally initiate a review of the Common Core standards. Parents’ concerns were validated as the state found some serious flaws.

In the Senate, Tedisco will continue to fight to ensure that these standards are not just rebranded and repackaged.

Please stand with Tedisco as he has stood with our children and our schools against the harmful reforms of Common Core.


BH-BL and Capital District Parents Concerned Over Common Core


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