Jim Tedisco helped our community

In June 2006, many communities in the Mohawk Valley flooded. The village of St. Johnsville also flooded due to overflow of the Zimmerman Creek, which runs north to south through the entire village into the Mohawk River.

Many homes, businesses and a Nation Grid substation sustained severe damage. Many people were unable to live in their homes and/or work in businesses. They had no money to repair the extensive damage caused by the flood. FEMA, state, county, local government assisted in the cleanup and helped secure funds to make repairs.

The village also cleaned out the creek to get water flowing in the right direction and did their best to restore banks. But such extensive damage was done, we flooded again after the major flood.

We were very grateful for all the help that we received, but until the creek was stabilized, we would do this all over again. So, about 50 village residents formed a group and worked with officials to get assistance in stabilizing Zimmerman Creek.

Our group met with various local officials, including Assemblyman Paul Tonko and Sen. Hugh Farley over the next 3 months. It didn’t look good, it appeared things had stalled.

We then contacted Assemblyman Jim Tedisco from Schenectady. We wanted to know if he could help us. Tedisco and his staff reviewed our concerns, contacted our group and worked with us on a regular basis. It was early in November of 2006 when we received a call from Tedisco, saying that the Zimmerman Creek stabilization project had passed in the Assembly. Funding had been approved at the state and federal level – the project was a go.

Tedisco knew that we were very concerned about this project, he was happy to share the news and to have helped our community.

It’s been nine years since the project was completed, and still no flooding.

What impressed our group so much was that Tedisco was not our Assemblyman. But he took the time, saw the needs of the people, helped get our project through the Assembly and then called and told us.

People in the 49th District, don’t pass up the chance to have Tedisco, a good guy and experienced leader, represent and fight for you as your Senator in Albany. Look at what he did for us.


St. Johnsville


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