I’m voting no on Proposition #1

The greater Johnstown School District will have a special district vote on Sept. 15 for residents to vote yes or no on Proposition #1.

The district plans to purchase the old J.F. Daley building in the Johnstown Industrial Park. The property is assessed for $490,000 after a recent revaluation. The School Board is offering the owners of the property $625,000, a difference of $135,000.

Will they need to renovate the building to meet their needs and at what additional cost?

If they purchase this property, it will come off the city of Johnstown tax roll. This will reflect not only on an increase on your school tax but on city and county tax as well.

It would better serve this community to remain on the tax roll and market to a business. After all, it is in the industrial park. There should not be a not-for-profit in our industrial park. Get the facts. I am voting no on Proposition #1.




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