Wentworth looks to continue good work

As your 1st?Ward councilwoman in Gloversville since 2008, I would agree Gloversville is certainly on the verge of some very good things happening in our city. I would like to point out that this is due to the work that has been taking place over the past eight years, the work of your current city officials.

Cooperative work with Fulton County officials is key to jump starting our entire area, and as our county administrator has publicly stated, Gloversville city officials have taken a lead role in that cooperative work. I am proud to say I was part of the group of city officials who worked alongside county officials to develop the Smart Waters plan, a plan that will continue our work to move this city forward, into a bright future.

As in every collective group of people making decisions, there are disagreements, differing opinions and, yes, personality conflicts. That is what fosters a wide range of ideas and encourages productive discussions. Those open discussions keep the conversation going, resulting in some of the best solutions. By changing the conversation, we fail to solve the problems.

There are some who would have you believe those discussions are contentious, but record shows those discussions have brought about positive results. Results that have decreased the city’s tax rate by $2.44 in 8 years. Results that have increased the city’s fund balance. Results that have increased the city’s sales-tax revenue. Results that have finally taken control of the spending habits of old, which have resulted in an increase of the city’s bond rating, allowing the city to continue moving forward, into that bright future.

Much like every small city in upstate New York, Gloversville is faced with blighted, aging properties. These conditions did not happen overnight and despite the fact those in the most influential position for a number of years to do something about it, failed to address the problem and it was allowed to grow. Gloversville officials were offered the opportunity to be a part of an initiative with other upstate New Yok cities to combat issues of blight and together, city officials took full advantage of that opportunity.

On Nov. 3, I ask for you to continue the work that has been started by current city officials.

I ask for you to vote to re-elect me, Robin Wentworth, as your Ward 1 councilwoman.


First?Ward councilwoman