Support for son was heart-warming

As his parents, we would like to send out our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in making our son Tracker Wager’s chicken barbecue benefit such an enormous success.

For every person, from friends and family to total strangers who bought and sold tickets, we thank you.

For the businesses in our community who allowed fliers to be hung and who donated their services and products, we thank you.

For the many volunteers who so selflessly gave their time and energy to run the barbecue, we thank you. To our beyond-generous cookie squad, who made Tracker’s wish of running his own lemonade and dessert stand at the barbecue come true, we thank you. To Steve and Heather Melita of Whitey’s in Johnstown for the use of their store, property and equipment and their selfless generosity, we thank you.

To Tracker’s aunt, Darci Miller, for starting, organizing and making this all happen, for all her long hours of time, effort and energy, we thank you.

To our family and friends, near and far, and our fellow community members – from the bottom of our hearts, with all that we have, we thank you. Your support, compassion and dedication to our little “heart hero” touches our hearts and lights our lives in a way words just can’t define strongly enough.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We are so very thankful to live in a community where its members believe this statement to be true. The love and support you’ve wrapped our child in is beyond compare.

We pray you all know what a special place you hold in our hearts and that your love and support helps to keep the beat in our son’s special heart.