Some advice for young job seekers

If you consider working for Montgomery County, please – don’t.

I was employed by the Social Services Department for just a little more than 30 years. During my tenure, I was a middle-management supervisor for approximately 25 of those years and never made more than $30,000 a year while those in other counties in my position made much more. Montgomery County is one of the lowest-paying counties in the state and the legislators are fairly proud of it.

I dearly loved, and still do, all the people who have ever worked for me. While I was employed there, I was treated like an underling by both my immediate director and the then-commissioner. If this sounds like “sour grapes,” so be it. When I finally retired, all I got was “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

Lastly, to all you young people out there, my advice is to get the hell out of this area. There is nothing here for you to succeed at unless you’re totally desperate.