Manure complaints seem quite petty

To the people complaining about horse manure on Montgomery County/town roads: It is very apparent you are referring to the Amish community and not to the general public.

I have been on all the roads mentioned and, yes, there is manure on them in spots. But if manure is a continuous problem in front of your driveway, I suggest you grab a shovel and put it in your garden and be happy.

The Amish people are an asset to the county, bringing in much- needed revenue and tax dollars along with goods and services the “English” seek.

Furthermore, some people are complaining about the wear on the roads from the steel wheels. That is also a myth. They do mark the roads, but by no means are they ruining the road.

People also mentioned tax dollars paying for the roads they use; it is also their tax dollars. The “English” also benefit from the Amish tax dollars.

Amish do not get welfare, school tax dollars, or any free healthcare. Rarely do they need any outside help, such as firefighters or police officers.

So, if once and a while you need to clean a little manure, big deal. Quit being so petty.