Giardino, Sira are committed to area

Having worked in the Fulton?County Sheriff’s Office for 22 years, I worked closely during that time with the District Attorney’s Office and the courts. Richard Giardino has an unequaled knowledge of the law and the criminal justice system. His experience and integrity, along with his clear and concise communication skills, are necessary to oversee a complex and diverse agency the size of the sheriff’s office. His dedication to serving the citizens of Fulton County is evident by his 35 years of service as a law-enforcement officer, district attorney and judge.

Rich is a good man of high character and is devoted to upholding the law. He is a good friend as well as a respected member of the law-enforcement community, and as such he has my highest recommendation to be the next sheriff of Fulton County.

Also during my time with the Sheriff’s Office, I worked closely during that time with the District Attorney’s Office. My first contact with Louise (Kauffman) Sira was when she was an assistant district attorney teaching and mentoring students, including my daughter, in the Youth Court Program. Over the years, I witnessed Louise’s passion for the law firsthand. She has a proven knowledge and understanding of criminal law and the criminal justice system having prosecuted several high-profile and very difficult felony cases.

Her commitment to serving the residents in Fulton County can be found in the many boards, committees and programs that she is involved with to help reduce crime, safeguard children and aid victims of crimes.

Louise’s ethical standards, knowledge, experience, compassion and fairness make her the best choice for this important position. I am proud to call her my friend and overwhelmingly recommend her as the next Fulton County Court judge.


Retired captain/

jail administrator

Fulton County Sheriff’s