Giardino most qualified for sheriff

I am writing in support of electing Richard Giardino as the Fulton County Sheriff. I have known Richard Giardino for more than 23 years and worked with him for just over 22 years as an employee of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

He is a man of integrity and has always shown himself to be a professional and a reasonable man looking out for the best of those he has dealt with, both as DA and county judge.

I could not think of anyone else that would bring more to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office as sheriff. His decades of experience as a part-time police officer, attorney in the District Attorney’s Office, DA and county judge speaks for itself as his qualifications for the position of sheriff. He will serve the people of Fulton County well, and be a great addition to the sheriff’s department. He will move the department forward into the future of law enforcement and corrections.

As a resident of Fulton County, I would be proud to have him as my sheriff.