Giardino mistakes right for a privilege

I urge you not to vote for Richard Giardino for Fulton?County sheriff because he has repeatedly shown (and he has repeatedly said so in writing) he believes that our inviolable rights are not rights at all, but privileges for him to decide who, when, how, etc.

Richard Giardino claims New York state pistol licenses are a privilege and not a right, in his opinion.

It is one thing to be in a state that makes us register our handguns – Vermont does not have this burden at all – it is another for our own public servants to deem our rights, in their own eyes, to be a privilege and not a right at all.

The day we allow our servants to treat our inviolable natural rights (i.e.: freedom of religion, free speech, right to own firearms, etc.) as privileges, is the day we kiss America goodbye.

Two commonly used words by Giardino when he refers to handguns are “permit” and “privilege.” By definition, permit is defined as “to give authorization or consent” and privilege by definition is something “granted or available only to a particular person or group.”

None of our servants have such power, unless we turn our backs.

Do not allow Giardino to become sheriff as he is un-American, and to let him be sheriff would be a disaster in Fulton County.

Your rights, are, in fact, at stake in the upcoming November election.