Anadio an asset to Gloversville

Councilwoman Ellen Anadio has worked very hard during her past two terms serving the residents and taxpayers of the 4th Ward.

Among her efforts are: the Walmart project, which has brought needed revenue and jobs to the city; she wrote the animal control law, the personnel policy handbook, as well as the work place violence law that is in place; the employee assistance program; she has rewritten the blight statute; and was instrumental in updating the phone and computer system at City Hall.

Mrs. Anadio has also worked on the comprehensive plan and spearheaded the Gloversville website update to make it more user friendly. She is one of the most hardworking city officials and does it without fanfare. She is one who can be counted on to listen to constituents, and assist when she can.

Mrs. Anadio is an asset to our council and to our city. She deserves to be re-elected, as she brings experience and knowledge to the position to better our city. Her only agenda is to serve the residents and taxpayers of the 4th Ward.