Mayor fails to do the job

When a person runs for office and is elected by the voters, it is naturally assumed that at least some of their campaign promises will be kept. Not so in the case of Dayton J. King, who promised to be a full-time mayor. Mr. King has taken a job at Mang Insurance Co. and is there all day every day. This means that he is not at City Hall during working hours Monday through Friday. How can he expect to run a city under these circumstances?

A troubling aspect of this is that Mang is the insurance carrier for the city of Gloversville. This would seem to me to be a grave conflict of interest.

Mr. King does not seem to have time to perform his mayoral duties. The mayor’s budget should have been given to the city council members by Oct. 16 as per the city charter. As of the writing of this letter, it is 12 days late. As I have been told, the council needs to accept the proposed budget on or before Nov. 1. The Common Council is then required to set a public hearing. The public hearing then needs to take place on or before Nov. 16.

He has claimed he goes into his office during evening hours to work. All city departments are closed, as are other agencies. So my question is, what is he doing there at night? His promise to take Gloversville from “good to great” has yet to be fulfilled, as our city is not even looking good at this point.

He has also claimed that he is accessible and available to the citizens by phone, e-mail and his Facebook page. I am not on Facebook. When calling his office during city business hours, of course, he is not there, so a message must be left with his secretary or an answering machine.

Mr. King, in my opinion, is derelict in his duties. When he ran for mayor, he knew what those duties were and he also knew what the position paid. His failure to be a full-time mayor and govern this city is disappointing to the people who elected him. The citizens and taxpayers who are paying him $42,000 a year deserve better. Perhaps this newspaper should be the one asking these questions.



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