Thanks to all who keep eye out for cat

We would like to say thank you to all who have called with prayers, tips and messages of hope for our cat, Judas. He has been gone since Feb. 23, but we still have hope that he is still around. We are raising our reward to $200 for the recovery of our cat. We follow up on all tips, as small as they may be. We live on South Judson Street and our phone number is 773-8540; if there is no answer, leave a message and we will return your call.

Judas would stand out from most cats. He is long haired, short legged, weighs about 20 pounds if he has been being feed and has a long fluffy tail. Judas is light orange (some people call it yellow), his face is orange and white and his white nose has a scar on it.

We do not believe our cat ran away. We are asking people on South Judson Street and neighboring streets to please look. Maybe someone opened a shed or garage and he has wandered into it. He could not wear a collar, so maybe someone thought he was a stray and took him in.

Now cat lovers, I have to share the other side of Judas’ story. Unfortunately, we have a cat hater in our neighborhood. I urge anyone with an outside cat to beware. Spring is here and soon our cats will all be outside. I would also like to ask anyone who lives on South Judson Street or neighboring streets to please call me if they have had a cat come up missing in the past two years. Maybe you have moved since then, but I would be curious as to how many have come up missing since this cat hater has lived in our neighborhood. Right now, I know of four.

Judas has been our pet for nine years this month. He went out winter and summer. He loved snow. Judas came home every night for eight years, 10 months.

It is getting warmer out now and we will see more cats. I ask people around South Judson to keep an eye on their outdoor cats. The strays will start coming around, so I ask people to take a look out your window or door for our Judas.

Once again, thank you to all who have tried to help us find our Judas.




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