Southworth for senator

A few months ago, I had the privilege of working on a large project with Patty Southworth. Our goal was to organize and expedite a town parade for the Ballston’s 225th anniversary celebration. Keep in mind, we had three weeks and no finances to do this. Patty and I were the only organizers, with a few of our friends and family as helpers. I was amazed at how she handled herself, not only at the Town Board meetings, but how she gets things done. She was able to get all the permits needed, helpers and donations in that short time. And we had a parade. We even had a wonderful fireworks display too, all arranged by Patty. I could have never pulled this off without her.

I remember one day when I called her and needed something, she said “I’ll be by shortly, but first I have to take a young lady to work.” She said a young girl had called the Town Hall and was worried about getting to work because her normal transportation wasn’t available. Patty’s comments were, “Since the girl is responsible enough about getting to work, I just have to help her out. See you when I get done.”

That’s how Patty is – she cares about others, and to take time out of her busy schedule was her priority.

In my opinion, Patty will make a great senator. Please get out and support this very fine lady. She will not disappoint you.


Burnt Hills


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