Extra fee leads to changing cable service

This is a followup to the recent letter to the editor about service being provided by Time Warner Cable.

I have been a customer of Time Warner Cable’s TV and Internet service since the service was first available. I was not unhappy with the service until I received a post card stating that starting in November 2012, there would be a monthly lease fee of $3.95 added to my bill for the cable modem that was installed when Internet service was originally installed.

In fall 2013, I found a note along the left side of my bill stating that the lease fee had been increased to $5.99 per month. I can only assume that due to a lack of complaints, some said, “that was so easy, let’s see what happens if we double it.” Charging a $5.99 per month fee for an item that cost TWC about $30 is outrageous.

The 2012 post card did offer the option of installing your own modem to avoid the lease fee. I purchased and installed a modem that was exactly the same model as the one provided by TWC at a cost of $60. Now I simply had to call TWC and have it activated. After 2 1/2 hours on the phone with TWC and Motorola, I was told that even if it is the exact same model, it can still be incompatible. I then reinstalled and activated the old modem in about 10 minutes.

I have no major problem with paying a fee for the cable box, a TV recorder (DVR) or even airline baggage since they do furnish added features not needed for the basic service. The modem is required to furnish basic service and provides no additional features. It could be compared to the airlines charging a fee for a standard seat with the option of bringing your own chair.

PS: I have taken the only option available and switched my service provider.




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