ACA may be Trojan horse for big biz

The much-debated and often-maligned Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – may be a Trojan horse disguising its real intent.

This was my uneducated opinion after reading a recent column in Barron’s, in which it was reported big business not only approves of the act, but is rushing in to take advantage of the private- exchange provision in order to rid corporations of the expense of paying for health insurance for their employees.

“About half of all Americans, roughly 165 million people,” states the story, “receive health insurance sponsored by their employers.” It mentions AT&T, GE, IBM, Time Warner and Walgreens, which have shifted health-insurance costs onto their employees.

In this sense, Democrats could be seen as pro-big business and Republicans as just hectoring populists. It is more likely both parties are acting as a tag team to camouflage the underlying intent of the law.

Could public employees be next to be swept into Obamacare?

In any event, if I am right, all that chatter about signing up 7 million with health insurance may only have been propaganda to keep Americans’ eyes off the ball.




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