Town of Mohawk residents take notice

For the past few years I have read several newspaper articles about how the “powers that be” in Fulton County would like to convert some agricultural land located in the town of Mohawk, Montgomery County, into manufacturing.

Along with some of our Montgomery County officials, they feel converting this tillable farmland into this so-called “regional” business park is the “cure all” for all our problems. The negative effects this would have on the property owners in our town appears to be of little or no concern.

Maybe you live in another area of the town of Mohawk and feel this change will not impact you personally. A development like this can have a negative effect on your taxes and quality of life. It did surface last year, affecting the Fonda-Fultonville School District tax bill. The Walmart Distribution Center fought to have its assessment reduced and was successful. Thus, the taxpayers in our school district will now have to make up the difference over a three-year period.

When the Johnstown Industrial Park was being built, the mayor of Fonda was Dan Reich. At that time, he stated, “The Environmental Impact Statement for this Johnstown Industrial Park stopped at the county line.” Although gone but not forgotten, I know he would be standing at my side on this issue. We, in the town of Mohawk, do feel the effects of this existing industrial park on a daily basis and this proposed regional business park will only add to that impact. To date, no environmental impact study has been done on this proposed park, yet talks continue.

This proposed park will cause irreversible damage to the landscape in the town of Mohawk, Montgomery County. This land is in a Montgomery County agricultural district and is zoned agricultural. This proposed regional business park would constitute a non-conforming use of this property. Furthermore, it does not comply with the town of Mohawk’s comprehensive plan. The town of Mohawk expects its residents to abide by zoning regulations. Additionally, I would like to think that compliance applies in the case of this proposed park.

It was suggested in the March 15 cheers and jeers that if we are against prosperity, then we should “move or mute our voices.” What an appalling and arrogant statement.


Town of Mohawk councilman


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