Somebody in logging business in city

Recently an article was published by The Leader-Herald with an accompanying picture. I drove by the area yesterday to see the area where so many stately trees were cut. This is in front of the golf course on South Main Street in Gloversville.

Looks to me like somebody is in the logging business and not trying to keep the trees from damaging the power lines. The article said the power company requested the trees be removed because a main feeder line to the Gloversville area was in danger.

This isn’t a main feeder to Gloversville, but rather one of quite a few circuits around the city.

If the power company paid one penny for this work, I’d be surprised. If they did pay for this, then I say this could be part of the reason for our high electric bills. Many of these trees that were cut were across the street from the lines.


a retired power company employee,



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