Public Service Commission got results

I am constantly being bombarded with phone calls and knocks on my door, with offers to have my utility bills lowered by the suppliers. They use misleading and deceptive language such as, “do I want my rebate?” “Am I green?” and statements such as “My gas and electric supplies will not be interrupted.” What is the meaning of all this? That they will turn my power off? That I do not care about conserving energy? One company threatened to sue me for terminating a so-called agreement.

Finally, I contacted my state representative. Three days after contacting them, they sent me a letter titled, State Cracks Down on Independent Energy Supply Companies. It said, “The public service commission voted five to zero to tighten regulations.” Apparently, the commission is aware of the practices of the utility companies. Also, and I quote, “targeting low income and elderly customers who are more vulnerable with claims and tricking them into signing contracts that cost money to terminate.” (Ripping of your grandmother).

In the commissioner’s letter, it also stated, underlined and highlighted, “very few ended up saving money.” Commissioner Gregg Sayre also states, “We are indulging the market with a relatively light hand to place where it will work better.” What does a relatively light hand mean? To gently persuade them? In one sentence they are conning poor old people out of their money and in the next sentence the commissioner will be light handed in doing so.

All the sales representatives have been friendly and polite. When asked, they respond that they are just doing their job and trying to make a living. But I suppose a pick-pocket is just trying to make a living.

In fairness to the public service commissioner, I did call and I did get results. I suggest that if you feel threatened, harassed or conned that you call them at 1-800-342-3377. Be sure and get the name of the company.




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