Princeton Plan a waste

I was dismayed to see the Greater Johnstown School District Board of Education had decided to implement the Princeton Plan, or as I prefer to call it the “Princeton Shuffle.”

From articles in the spring, I had assumed that this was just an idea that was being studied. Now I find that it has been rammed down our throats and renovations are already in progress.

What happened to the old days, when parents and taxpayers were allowed to have input. They were never consulted, and I am assuming this is because we are much too unsophisticated to understand this complex issue.

The “Princeton Shuffle” has been tried elsewhere, Schenectady being one place, and it was a dismal failure. They are reverting to their previous methods.

The board has never explained why this is such a wonderful method of teaching. They only say it will be much more effective. Why? I only see it as disruptive and confusing to the students. I am sure they will just love being shuttled to a strange school in a strange neighborhood.

I have talked to many people who are totally against this and resent that they had no say in the matter.

I would suggest that the “Princeton Shuffle” be relegated to the garbage dump, where it belongs. Also, that the present Board of Education be replaced as each member comes up for re-election.




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