Gloversville council not helping city

This letter is to the Gloversville Common Council: I am one of three members who serves on the Zoning Board of Appeals. This committee is supposed to have five members, but you have chosen not to allow that to happen. This makes conducting business very difficult. Three is a majority, so we can do our job if everyone comes to the meeting. No matter what committee anyone serves, there will be a time when one cannot make a meeting.

In the case of the ZBA, that just makes more unnecessary work for everyone. We have to find a date when each of us can be there. There is senseless paperwork that needs to be done, and you, the council, are not serving the people you have been elected to serve.

The action you have chosen – to hold out approval till someone is reappointed – makes no sense at all. Karen Smith knew a great deal about zoning and she was an important part of the ZBA. Her term was up. The mayor appointed someone else. No one is indispensable.

When making decisions, I thought that the council should make those decisions without being political, prejudice or unfair.

Your lack of action by not approving appointments makes our job (the ZBA) much more difficult. It is also hurting the people who elected you to serve them. Please reconsider your actions and accept appointments made by the mayor. It makes things a lot easier for everyone and it helps move the city forward, like I have heard some of you say you want to do.




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