All residents use roads

Due to my age, recent surgery and weather, I am unable to attend the Johnstown Town Board meetings, but I feel strongly about the Highway Department issue and I appreciate your acceptance of my view by letter.

I came to this community 12 years ago.

There are many things I don’t understand. One is why there are so many hamlets with each having the full force of its own government, and some having a mayor, an attorney, a council member-at-large, and five or six councilwomen or men.

The most important part is, I do not know what jobs these people are doing and if they are important. But I do know what the Highway Department is doing and I do know their job is necessary for mine and all the town’s well being.

These people work during nights to get our roads safe and ready for us to use to go to work and to the schools.

Do you want them to clean roads during the day, to jam up all traffic because of overtime pay?

Did anyone look to the monster of equipment they use and maintain.

There is one department in the town whose members’ pay never should be altered, except to increase it: the Highway Department.

Why don’t you save money by reducing the number of councilwomen – oops. Being a woman myself, maybe you should hit the councilmen.

Or, if you organize an independent group of taxpayers to find the money to pay overtime – just an idea.




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