Wrong to dismiss Smith over endorsement

“Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords, that where laws end, tyranny begins.” – William Pitt

The framers of our Constitution based our government on three separate branches of government: executive, judicial and legislative. Separation of power formed the basis of our democratic government, ensuring all the powers of government could not be concentrated in the hands of one person.

The three branches are meant to be distinct, with a system of checks and balances, placing limits on all branches by allowing each branch the right to amend or void the acts, within their purview, of another branch.

The Gloversville mayor and the Common Council are not in agreement regarding the reappointment of Karen Smith, 16-year member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. The mayor has publicly stated that Smith has done a good job, but he wants to move in a new direction.

A supporter of the mayor, John Pomeroy, stated in his letter to the editor on Jan. 17 that “The Gloversville Common Council needs to stop playing petty games and support Mayor Dayton King’s nominations” to “bring in a new point of view.”

I would like to point out to Pomeroy that decisions made by the zoning board are not based on individuals’ points of view, but on ordinances and laws regarding planning, development and land use.

Speaking at the Jan. 28 council meeting, former Councilman John Castiglione stated that four years ago, Ms. Smith asked him to speak to the mayor about reappointing her, which the mayor did with the intent to “mend fences” with Smith, but now finds that has not happened.

I point out to Castiglione the last time Smith was reappointed to the zoning board was on Jan. 13, 2009, by former Mayor Tim Hughes, to a five-year term.

In closing, Smith and I are not of the same political party, nor do we travel in the same circle of friends. As a matter of record, Smith has supported and endorsed candidates who have run against me in the past. Yet, I still believe right is right and wrong is wrong and to disqualify a qualified person willing to volunteer hours of their time to serve on a board simply because that person did not endorse you as a candidate is absolutely wrong and certainly not in the best interest of the city of Gloversville.




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