Trappers need extended permits in park

I like to camp and trap in remote areas of the Adirondack park, mostly to monitor wildlife especially coyote. State Department of Environmental Conservation officers and rangers gave me a ticket for doing this; I need extra extended permits for boats and equipment to do this year- round. I’m only allowed one permit during hunting season – Sept. 17 to Dec. 15 – then must remove tent and gear, but trapping season continues to April 15. Then I’m allowed only three days of camping; then I must remove all the gear. This makes it impossible to camp in remote areas.

I feel I did nothing wrong, only doing what my ancestors did for 100 years. Trappers don’t harm the environment in any way with their tents. I’m asking the governor, the DEC and rangers, why can’t I get extended permits?

Did you know coyotes have almost wiped out the beaver population in remote areas? Coyotes are coming into towns for food and pets.

The DEC and Adirondack Park Agency are promoting new trails, more lean-tos, more tourists and snow machines, better roads to access wilderness, but I can’t get extended permit to camp. This doesn’t make sense. It’s almost over for me. I’m asking for other people so they won’t be treated like criminals to camp.

In the service, they taught me first shelter, fire and food. I need these to camp in remote areas. I feel trappers care the most for the park and animals, yet we are most restricted from it. I would welcome rangers to check my campsite any time.




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