Fifty years later, tobacco products still kill

The United States surgeon general says tobacco marketing is a cause of tobacco use. On Jan. 17, the 32nd report on Smoking and Health was released in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the first Smoking and Health report released in January 1964.

Fifty years later, and we are still watching people die of lung diseases, now called COPD, and a myriad of other cancers and heart problems associated with the carcinogens in tobacco products. In New York, tobacco use remains the leading cause of premature death and disease.

I want to commend CVS Caremark for taking a stand this year as a health provider to stop marketing tobacco products by October of this year. I think they will find profits going up from the added support of anti-tobacco advocates. I hope that more marketers of tobacco products will follow the lead of CVS and Wegmans.

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