Education system favors bureaucrats

As a rule, I find The Leader-Herald to be a fair and balanced news medium.

However, in its editorial Jan. 14 on our recent no vote on the proposed Mayfield-Northville school merger, they address the affect of the vote, not the cause: namely, our New York state education system. Their costly civil contracts, bureaucratic mandates and academic social experiments on how and what to teach has consumed so much of our tax dollars, with the end result a failed and failing educational system. For shame.

The editorial said, “We wonder if those same voters are prepared for the level of tax increases that likely will be necessary to maintain the district’s programs going forward.”

Say what? Our education spending in the state stands at $75 billion. That is the equivalent of the total individual budgets of 47 other states. Many of those states are academically ranked above our state, and at a lower cost per student.

Why is this?

One reason is our state education system is designed and configured for the people that work there, and unfortunately not designed for an economical, efficient and goal-driven academic curriculum to keep pace with other states that accomplish this achievement with less cost per student.

Again, why is this?

The state’s unelected bureaucrats run a top- down fiscal allocation; their way or else. As I have stated before, it resembles an inverted pyramid: Allocated funds are siphoned off (administrative costs) for overpaid, overstaffed and underachieving bureaucrats, and insufficient funds reach our local teachers and students. Attempting to consolidate school systems to save school dollars is just a guise to cover their mismanaged, self-made fiscal problems.

Voters, do not be intimidated by their attempts to shuffle your children around the county with the promise to reduce taxes. With our present system, they will never have enough money; they will always raise taxes. Voters should contact your elected officials and complain that if our present school system is not reconstructed to lower our school tax rate, you will not vote for them.

The voters are to be commended for standing their ground. Always remember you are the principals on these matters and not subservient to these unelected bureaucrats.




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