Accept that age of world peace here

Regardless of what one’s political party is, we can all be grateful that our present U.S. political administration has so far avoided large-scale, deadly armed conflict.

Perhaps our politicians and other leaders around the world realize we are, now more than ever throughout human history, an interdependently connected global community. We are bonded together by communication, travel, disease control, environmental challenges and, of course, commerce.

For example, regarding commerce/travel, in my immediate family we have a daughter who works for Getty Images with teams she coordinates/visits with around the globe. One son-in-law is an interior architect who works internationally. In our remote Shawangunk Nature Preserve in Cold Brook in the past year, we’ve had family and visitors from people in 10 nations; France, England, Canada, India, Syria, Iran, Spain, Morocco, Germany and Ukraine.

Humanity has long dreamed of an age when world peace would be a reality. It has arrived. We just need to wakefully accept it and make it stronger through such organizations as the United Nations, the World Court and, when necessary, U.N. peacekeeping forces.



Cold Brook


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