Catch band next season

What did you do the evening of Aug. 7? Sit home and watch TV?

Well, we got off our duffs and went over to Melchoir Park in Gloversville and listened to and watched the Gloversville Civic Band.

Excellent is the word to describe it. From The Star-Spangled Banner (everyone stands and is proud) to jazz, semi-classical and marches, the 39 experienced and talented musicians and their vibrant conductor transformed the park into a visual and mental dream.

I have listened to other similar bands and one musician that comes to mind is my brother-in-law, who is a trombonist and belongs to civic band in the Hartford area. His band is larger, but ours sounds better.

I would suggest the next time the band plays, come on over to the park with a lawn chair and close your eyes and relax. Oh yeah, you can stamp your feet with the beat.