Keep up the lawsuits against legal drug peddlers

It seems difficult sometimes to keep up with all the lawsuits against drug companies without a scorecard. But the more we learn about the truly evil practices in which some engaged, the more it seems the punishment cannot be too harsh.

A bipartisan congressional report issued last week explains that some companies selling addictive opioid painkillers spent as much as $65 million funding allegedly nonprofit groups that promoted use of such drugs to ease pain. The practice continued until 2019, long after the hazards of opioids were known widely.

Responsible pharmaceutical firms backed away from opioids once the potential for addiction became clear, doing what they could to deter abuse of the drugs and admitting the potential for addiction. A significant number of companies — knowing they were marketing addiction and death — actually tried to sell more.

So yes, keep up the lawsuits and, if possible, criminal prosecutions. The culprits earned it.


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