Don’t cancel Halloween

There is absolutely, positively no reason why there should not be trick-or-treating in towns, villages and cities throughout Fulton, Montgomery and Hamilton counties this year.

Children and their parents who are comfortable trick-or-treating should do so. Those who are not should stay home.

It really is that simple.

Trick-or-treating can be done safely even in the midst of a pandemic. Parents will probably want to bring hand sanitizer out so that hands can be cleaned regularly. Parents and children should wear masks. As long as people aren’t violating the governor’s existing rules against public gatherings, what else is the government’s role here? It is no harder to have contact-free pizza delivery than it is to have candy change hands without having contact on Halloween. It’s an outdoor experience that promotes the wearing of masks.

Of course, local governments are waiting on additional guidance from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, because the governor’s statement that he wouldn’t cancel Halloween can’t be enough.

There are hundreds of children begging their parents for their favorite Halloween costume. Our plea to Cuomo and local mayors and supervisors — don’t put on your Grinch costume. Kids have had it rough this year. Let them have Halloween.

Editor’s note: This editorial appeared in the Post Journal on Sept. 21 and has been modified for our region.


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