Dislike of U.S., others appears well-intrenched

It turns out that hating the United States, Britain and Israel is not just a matter of ideological leanings for some Iranians. It is good business, too.

In case you missed it, The Associated Press recently answered a burning (pun intended) question: Where do all those U.S., British and Israeli flags put to the torch in well-publicized rallies in Iran come from?

Two AP reporters visited the Diba Parcham Khomein company in Iran. Making flags is part of the firm’s business. DPK produces about 6,000 U.S., British and Israeli flags a year. They are sold for about $2 each, mostly to hardline supporters of the Iranian government who plan to burn the foreign banners at protest rallies.

One factory worker told the AP reporters that “this year, as I sewed every flag, I was excited that they were going to be burned. My feeling is just hatred when I sew them.”

Another worker commented that she “has no problem with the American people, but I dislike their president.”

That sentiment is echoed not infrequently by Iranians. Let us hope that at some point, it leads to a reconciliation between our two countries. But for now, at least, as the AP story shows, dislike of the U.S., Britain and Israel appears well-intrenched.


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