Cheers and Jeers

Michael Medina is our cheer. He was honored this week with the first-ever Placemaker in Gloversville Award for his charity and his efforts to make the city a better place to be.

Medina is widely-known for providing children with free haircuts at the start of school and at Christmastime. He also gives free haircuts throughout the year, showing up at a variety of family events held in the city to offer the haircuts.

His work to help make Gloversville a place to be proud of is inspiring to us; and he was inspired by Mayor Vincent DeSantis, prior to DeSantis becoming mayor when he was Councilman-at-Large.

Medina said he saw DeSantis walking downtown one day and saw him reach down and pick up a couple of pieces of trash.

“It blew my mind,” Medina said. “That may seem like something so little, but it was huge to me.”

And it is. If more people like DeSantis and Medina would do one small act a day for their community, their neighborhood, their city, the change would be immediately noticeable.

Today is 100 in 1 Day here in the city. Gloversville is the first place in the United States to hold this nationwide event where people in the community are encouraged to perform 100 acts of positivity in one day to inspire others.

Dozens of businesses, organizations and individuals are signing on to be a part of the event. Many of the events are right downtown, starting at 10 a.m., including a kid’s flower planting workshop, Dream Catcher’s concert and a fly-tying class. There are so many volunteering their time, effort and positivity to make this day a success.

But, let’s take it one step further and keep that positive energy flowing. Take inspiration from Medina and DeSantis and the next time you think about just dropping a wrapper, a cigarette butt or a bottle on the ground, think again.

One person at a time, one positive action at a time, we can change Gloversville into the type of city people want to move to; want to raise their children in; want to work and have fun in. Thank you Mr. Medina for inspiring so many.


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