Just ask the Carrico girls

Good news seems rare enough these days that when “an absolute miracle” occurs, it ought to be noticed.

That is how Humboldt County, California, Sheriff William Honsal summed up the conclusion of a frantic search during the weekend.

It seems that on Friday afternoon, Leia Carrico, 8, and her sister Caroline, 5, asked their mother if they could go for a walk. She said no. A little later, she could not find them inside their home near Sacramento. Family and friends searched the woods for a few hours, then called for help.

At about 10:30 a.m. Sunday, a firefighter found the two girls. Though they had left home only with a few granola bars, they were fine.

Honsal told reporters the miracle was that the children survived in “an extreme environment.”

Yes, miracles do occur. Thank heaven for this one and, of course, for the many people who joined in the search.

But wait. The girls told Honsal one reason they were all right was survival training they had received in their 4-H club.

With electronic diversions seemingly monopolizing the time of many children these days, organizations such as 4-H, scouting and similar groups often struggle to recruit new members. Some youths consider what they do old-fashioned.

Perhaps. But sometimes, old-fashioned knowledge and skills can come in very handy.

Ask the Carrico girls.