Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS — To Mayfield senior Garret Delaney for making a milestone in his high school athletic career, reaching 1,000 points. He is only the third student at Mayfield to reach that goal — he joins Babe Baldwin and Dave Clark. Baldwin, a 1957 graduate ended his career with 1, 826 points, while clark, a 1993 graduate, scored 1, 169 points. It is a remarkable feat and one he can be proud of. Congratulations Garret.

CHEERS — To the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency and Swany American Corp. for its recent success of the IDA helping a company to establish in the area and that company being successful enough that it was able to purchase its building after decades of leasing.

In 1988, The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency entered into a lease agreement with the Crossroads Incubator Corp. to construct a 57,000-square-foot building for Swany. In 2003, Swany needed additional space and approached CIC to lease a larger space — 80,000-square-feet — where another company had vacated.

The closing on the property took place in December, giving Swany a stronger and more stable presence in the community and the IDA the opportunity to help additional businesses.

It is a win/win for the county and the company.

CHEERS — To the new year. With many of the municipalities organizational meetings over, elected officials now in place and everyone ready to move forward, 2019 is open for a lot of great things to happen.