Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS — Real estate agents know the meaning of curb appeal. If a client likes what they see when they first drive up to a piece of property, they are more likely than not take it to the next step and see if the home is what they are looking for.

Locally, area business people, council members and organizations have made giant steps in improving Gloversville’s “curb appeal” to attract people to the city, to live, work and play.

But one of the projects is taking it a step further and that is Project Clean Streets. Modeled after the Adopt-A-Highway program, Clean Streets started in the late summer as an initiative to literally clean up the city of Gloversville, and the project is beginning to gain momentum. Taylor Made employees were set to pick up trash and debris starting at the corner of Washington and Main streets today, but were sidelined by the snow.

But it is great to see the community coming on board with the program which sees a group of people tackle an area of Gloversville that needs a little cleaning. The first to participate in the program were area students who started in the downtown area where they raked, pick up discarded trash and help beautify the city.

While this was a minor delay, we hope the program keeps gaining participants, even in the winter, as people will continue to discard trash on top of the snow.

In order for Gloversville to improve and for people to move here, we need “curb appeal.” Let’s keep the program vibrant. Volunteer and adopt a street.

CHEER — To the Common Council for keeping the best interests of the city and its residents as its focus.

With Mayor Dayton King’s recent felony arrest, it would be easy for council members to be distracted about how bad it looks for the city and its residents and lose sight of what is important — to keep moving forward with all the work they have invested in making the city a better place to live and to try and invite more businesses to open up here.

Instead of worrying about what is up with Mayor King, council members have pledge to keep their focus on Gloversville, as well as to go through a series of checks and balances to ensure no taxpayer money is being misused or misappropriated.

CHEER — Snow has arrived. Some people live for the winter months and the cold weather and snow. There is ice fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, hiking and so many outdoor activities that come with cold weather and snow.

JEER — Snow has arrived. While some people live for the winter months as we mentioned above, there are equally as many who dread the hardships snowfall and colder weather bring, especially for the elderly, those with health conditions and the poor. Shoveling, snowblowing, staying warm, even cabin fever and seasonal affective disorder, also known as Winter Blues, are all issues once Old Man Winter settles into his easy chair to stay a while. Let’s use this time to keep an eye out for those who may need our help during these winter months.