Guest editorial


“We hold these truths to be self-evident that man is endowed with certain unalienable rights that unto these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

The day I am writing this is July 4, Independence Day. Websters dictionary defines independence as freedom. Our freedoms must not infringe on the freedoms of others. A) I may feel I have the right to plan a heist at a jewelry store but my so called freedom interferes with the freedom of store owners who have the liberty to earn revenue and make a profit. What I am stating is freedom can be abused and misused. B) I may misuse my freedom and abduct someone holding them against their will but I am interfering with that someone’s right to liberty and life. C) I may misuse my freedom and plan on detonating a bomb in a store but I am interfering with the clientele’s right to life and liberty.

Since men mususe their freedoms, we have laws set in place to safeguard people and a militia to enforce those laws. Let me stress our freedoms are constrained by boundaries. Laws are enacted to constrain the freedom to exercise evil. Men, in other words, have free will to pursue godliness or evil at their peril.

So, my second point is what can be the benefit of freedom exercised within the boundaries of the laws. A) I can pursue an occupation or career that advances society such as upon completion of my studies I discover an invention that makes people’s lives smoother, and easier. B) We can pursue university degrees in medicine, journalism, music and fine arts, business administration. In any area of study is our freedom. C) Society awards the freedom to become achievers while punishing antisocial behavior. D) I have the freedom of free speech. I can speak out against the evils of the world or proclaim Jesus as God though this is politically incorrect, but I will do so anyway. E) I have the right to petition the government especially against laws like Roe vs. Wade. F) I have the freedom of expression. I can write Op-Ed articles. I can sing music about the social awareness of immorality in society.

In summation, as a free citizen in a free country I can:

∫ Advance up the social ladder hierachy going from a middle class neighborhood to an upper class level neighborhood.

∫ I can choose any religion to worship whether it is Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism.

∫ I can commence any business of my choosing without approal of the government.

∫ I can freely distribute Bible tracts with out fear of imprisonment.

Welcome to America the land of the free. America is symbolic of freedom — freedom to choose the path of life we desire — a land of potentiality, a land where we can see our dreams realized, a land where we can pursue our goals since on July 4, 1776 this land broke away from tyrrany making it possible for future citizens to pursue the hopes and visions of a life that they would like to lead unemcumbered by the intrusion of government. America, the great, America the grandios. May you all have [had] a wonderful holiday to freely relax, to freely play.

John Sirtoli resides in Gloversville