Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS – To the immediate and widespread response from the community for the Kwiatkowski family, along with unsung hero, Miles Lappe. The 10-member family lost their Palatine Bridge home and everything they own, along with two pet cats, to a fire on July 27.

First responders did their best to contain the fire, but the old “balloon” construction home was no match for the blaze, which quickly raced up the stairs, trapping a 13-year-old family friend spending the night and two of the daughters.

Miles, realizing the only way out was to jump from the second floor window, broke the glass and told April and Mary it was the only way out. He leapt out first to show them it could be done, grabbing onto a tall, thin tree just beyond the window. Mary and April both followed, the tree dumping them one at a time onto the ground in front of their frantic mother, Kathy.

Miles, who is humble about his heroism, said he did what anyone would have done, but not everyone would have risked their lives to save someone else. He is a hero in our eyes.

First responders, the Montgomery County Emergency Management, friends, family and complete strangers have shown overwhelming support for the Kwaiatkowski’s, donating clothing, household items and money.

The family was even given the use of an 11-person camper, keeping them together and within the community.

And through it all, the family has managed to keep up their spirits, faith and optimism.

“The community’s outreach has been unimaginable,” mom Kathy Kwiatkowski said. “I can’t believe it and I just want to thank you for all the support.”

While people are quick to dismiss Fulton and Montgomery counties when something bad happens, this is proof, once again, of all the good people, businesses and organizations we have here in our tiny corner of the world.

CHEERS — To the producers of “Builder For the Stars” for bringing their production back to Fulton County. The pilot episode was shot in Northville in 2016 and the cast, crew and selected celebrities spent time (and money) in Fulton County.

With the pilot program picked up for production, the creator, Ted “Teddy-G” Gatto, once again returned to Fulton County, this time Johnstown, to start filming the series with craftsman Jonathan Sweet.

This is good news on several fronts — economically it is sure to sweeten the financial coffers of local businesses and the county with the cast and crew spending money locally. Secondly, it casts a good light on Fulton County nationwide and helps in promoting the area for tourism without costing taxpayer dollars. Third, it helps bring to light the incredible talent and beautiful places to visit in our area, whether it is builder Sweet, or the amazing musicians who perform in the Caroga Lake Music Series, or the everyday people who go out of their way to bring beauty into our lives, the positive exposure the series will bring to the Tri-Counties is something we all need and want.