Trump critics now cornered

President Donald Trump’s critics insist he does not understand Washington politics and insists on getting his own way too often for the country’s good.

Oh, really?

Trump had been requesting that Congress approve funding to start work on a barrier to illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. Liberals seized on that, saying there was no way they would approve a spending bill including that money.

Unless a measure for about

$1 trillion in spending is approved by Friday, the government technically will run out of money. That has allowed the liberals to play their favorite card, the “government shutdown” threat.

Trump reacted by backing off on the amount of money he sought. Still, the liberals would not compromise. Then, on Monday night, he said he would be willing to drop the matter entirely, at least for now.

The so-called stubborn political novice has nearly painted the liberals into a corner. By dropping his border wall plan, at least temporarily, he has jerked the rug out from under them in terms of approving the $1 trillion in spending.

Rest assured this is not the last you have heard from the liberal obstructionists on Capitol Hill. But for now, Trump has placed them squarely on the defensive — and that is a very good thing for the country.


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