Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS — to a job well done. Four volunteer fire companies responded like champions to a shed fire last Friday that could have turned into something much worse. Upon responding to the roaring blaze at 104 Holly Lane off Progress Road in the town of Johnstown, firefighters from Berkshire, Broadalbin, Mayfield and Pleasant Square soon had to contend with exploding ammunition, a lack of an easily obtainable water supply, and a number of brush fires that took hold in the adjacent dry woods. This fire could have quickly spread out of control into a massive wildfire, but the quick, professional work of these volunteers prevented a potential disaster. We salute you.

CHEERS — to a remarkable man and village leader. Village of Broadalbin Mayor Eugene Christopher passed away on April 14, but according to Deputy Mayor Lawrence Cornell, Christopher worked right until the end. Cornell said the mayor knew his time had come, but he worked to ensure a smooth transition. Mayor Christopher was a Broadalbin icon, graduating from Broadalbin High in 1945 and serving the public almost continuously since 1976, when he became a village trustee. Except for a two-year break, he served as mayor from 1991 until his death at age 88. “He was a great person, a great leader,” Cornell said. We concur.

CHEERS — to conquering the Boston Marathon. For some, it’s exhausting to drive 26 miles, 385 yards, let alone run it. But at least six local runners were among 26,411 from 94 countries who completed the famous Boston course on Monday — a repeat accomplishment for some, a bucket-list first for others. We cheer the endurance and determination of these six who crossed the finish line: Craig Dubois, Sprakers; John Geesler, St. Johnsville; Matthew Torniainen, Fultonville; Heather Nelson, Northville grad; Stuart Palczak, Amsterdam and Ethan Miller, Gloversville.

CHEERS –to political ambition. We are heartened to see three candidates step up to run for mayor of Gloversville, with Democratic newcomer Phillip Carlson announcing his bid last Friday to take on Republicans Bill Rowback and Dayton King, the incumbent. This November’s election is packed with opportunity. No less than 75 offices will be decided. And while it’s great to know there are three candidates for Gloversville’s highest office, we hope that all offices will be contested. So if you want to see things change, it’s time to jump into the ring.

CHEERS — to kids, happiness and Easter eggs. It took Amber Chamberlain and friend Keith Hansen four to five days to fill 7,500 Easter eggs with candy; it took a gaggle of eager children 10 minutes to find them last Saturday. “I do it for the kids,” said Chamberlain, a member of the Gloversville Recreation Commission, who claims to have filled 5,348 of those eggs herself. Safe to say Easter egg hunts in Gloversville and Johnstown were a rousing success.


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