Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS — to a cleanup effort. Volunteers and members of local and state organizations will be out in force April 22 for the 12th annual Canal Clean Sweep. This caring group will be picking up debris and sprucing up areas along the Erie Canal corridor, including the Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site. Efforts of this nature go a long way toward improving the environment and keeping our area looking nice. We encourage local residents to take part in the cleanup. For information, go to www.ptny.org.

JEERS — to wasting taxpayers’ money. Fultonville paid former village clerk Tom DiMezza $12,000 to train interim clerk Kelley O’Kosky, who was appointed by interim Mayor George Donaldson. Then, newly elected Mayor Ryan Weitz dismissed O’Kosky and rehired DiMezza for the job. After all of this maneuvering, the taxpayers are out $12,000 for no good reason. Village officials appear to have mishandled this matter.

CHEERS — to treating addiction. The Montgomery County Community Services Board will receive $150,000 in state funding for a Peer Engagement Program, which will provide resources to people who have addiction problems. The program connects individuals and families to community-based programs and support, with the goal of getting people the help they need to live healthier lives.

CHEERS — to getting rid of dilapidated properties. Fulton County recently reviewed foreclosed Gloversville properties and chose eight in the worst condition for demolition. A county committee removed the eight properties from the annual county auction and will try to schedule the county demolition team to tear them down. The county goes through this process each year, and it’s helping to reduce the city’s blight. This is a good approach to the problem.

CHEERS — to a longtime messenger of the news. Mel Rulison, 87, retired Sunday as a Leader-Herald newspaper route driver after 57 years on the job. In total, the Gloversville resident has delivered about 5 million Leader-Herald papers during his tenure. Mel’s commitment for so many years went far beyond what anyone ever could expect. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who has delivered papers for a longer period. We salute Mel for his devoted service.


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