Dems’ massive temper tantrum

It was one thing for supporters of presidential candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore to dispute Florida election results in 2000. Then, there were serious questions (remember “hanging chads”) and the entire national election at stake.

But now, liberals insisting Democrat Hillary Clinton was cheated in her loss to Donald Trump are engaging in no more than a massive temper tantrum.

Votes may have to be recounted in three states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan — if a third candidate, the Green Party’s Jill Stein, has her way. She is attempting to raise enough money to insist on the recounts.

But this election wasn’t even close. Trump won 306 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232.

Donald Trump will be the next president. Incumbent President Barack Obama understands that. So does Clinton. Both have called for the American people to get over our massive, bitter argument and move on.

Continuing to insist that some sort of miracle can change the result merely extends the unpleasantness.


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