Police made the right call

We hear a lot about incidents involving police that end tragically: motorists shot after being stopped by police and acting erratically, people shot and killed after being suspected of reaching for a weapon, people severely injured while trying to fight with police, and emotionally unstable people losing their lives in acts of “suicide by cop.”

However, in Gloversville last week, an incident involving an emotional, allegedly intoxicated, man that could have ended tragically instead ended relatively peacefully.

The distraught man, David Duesler, 29, was driving at a high rate of speed and struck a building on Bleecker Street, police said. The man, police said, was carrying a knife and asked officers to “shoot him.” Police followed the man as he walked to the front of the police station around the block. Despite the man’s provocations, police were able to stop and subdue him without killing him.

Gloversville and other police agencies responded to the incident. They were able to stop Duesler, and, in effect, save his life, by firing a “beanbag” round at him. The round stunned the man, causing him to drop his knife. This allowed officers to subdue him.

The man apparently was attempting “suicide by cop,” but thanks to the professional handling of the incident by local police, and the training they’ve received to deal with this type of situation, no one died.

The outcome of this incident is worthy of note.


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