Vaccine policy OK

Given all of the challenges people in Fulton and Montgomery counties have to deal with, concerns about vaccines should not be one of them.

It was recently reported the U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a challenge to New York state’s requirement all children be vaccinated before they can attend public school, upholding an appeals court ruling that said the policy does not violate students’ constitutional right of religious freedom. The appeals court also upheld a federal judge’s ruling that students exempted from the immunization policy for religious reasons can be barred from school during the outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease.

“I applaud the Supreme Court for letting stand the Second Circuit’s decision recognizing the validity of laws in both New York state and New York City requiring vaccinations for schoolchildren,” state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement. “Protecting children from debilitating communicable diseases should be a top priority.”

We agree.

The bottom line is this: Vaccines save lives. When vaccines are available, parents should get them for their children.


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