Ignorance improbable

In about a week, the 2016 signup season for Obamacare insurance will begin. Federal officials say they expect new enrollments to lag behind hopes, though millions of people eligible for government-subsidized insurance have not signed up for it.

Lots of people just don’t understand they can get taxpayer-funded help paying for Obamacare premiums, explain U.S. Department of Health and Human Services officials.

No doubt that will mean a new round of seemingly endless advertisements intended to attract new enrollees.

How many more millions of our tax dollars need to be spent on promotion? How is it possible anyone on the planet is not aware of Obamacare freebies?

Some people may not want Obamacare insurance because, even with subsidies, it is not a good deal for them.

But claiming anyone is ignorant of the program as an excuse to spend more on propaganda simply is not acceptable.