Bureaucrats don’t get it

It took less than a week for some of the bureaucrats in President Barack Obama’s administration to demonstrate that in regard to the Nov. 4 elections, they just don’t get it.

Or they just don’t care.

Among the reasons Democrat candidates for Congress did so badly in the elections was many Americans are outraged over the administration’s handling of illegal immigrants. Recently, the Homeland Security Department added insult to injury.

As an Associated Press story explained, the agency “is working on an automated system to notify state and local authorities when an immigrant with a serious criminal history is released into their jurisdictions.” A senior Immigration and Customs Enforcement official added victims of such criminals also may be notified.

The issue came up because of what ICE did last year. Instead of deporting 36,007 criminal immigrants as had been planned initially, it released them from custody. Those set free were responsible for 193 homicides and 426 sexual assaults, among other offenses.

Apparently, ICE officials are planning to release even more criminal immigrants who should have been deported or kept behind bars.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats in Congress should tolerate such outrageous conduct.


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